Snippet from Czech Republic’s presentation

This is a part of the presentation we did in Czech Republic when I showed TwinsOrNot for the first time and then later started visualizing how the usage of the site started picking up on Application Insights:

Build Tour 2015 – São Paulo

Pete Brown, Jeff Burtoft, Wael Rabadi and yours truly just finished delivering the Build Tour 2015 in Brazil.   It was awesome. I never imagined I’d do anything important in a soccer stadium. We had live streaming, which soon will be made available in Channel 9. For now, just some coverage in the local news: And […]

Azure Active Directory token validation in Node.js

Today we posted a little sample that shows how to validate access tokens issued by Azure Active Directory in Node.JS: This sample takes a JWT token, finds the metadata in AAD, validates the token signature, opens it and then checks for the right audience and the right issuer, plus validating the expiration date as well. […]

Troubleshooting common Azure Active Directory Errors

This is a list of common errors you might face when trying to integrate your application with Azure AD and the most likely causes for it. As you can see, in most cases the root causes are usually strings that don’t match. For a more detailed discussion, please watch my Build 15 presentation here: […]

Office365 REST APIs overview for developers

If you only have 20 minutes and you want to have an overview of SharePoint online and O365 REST APIs, please check these: