But… will it scale?

So I was concerned that with the increasing load, the TwinsOrNot.net would end up having problems. But it looks like I overestimated things a bit. The site is hosted as an Azure Web App (by far the easiest, simpler way of hosting a website, honest) and one of the features this platform offers is auto […]

Watching the birth of a viral site under the microscope

So far we’ve been talking about Microsoft’s Machine Learning and the amazing things it can do, like allowing me to create a viral site in just 4 hours of work. But Microsoft has so much cool stuff that I don’t even know where to start from. So I decided to look at TwinsOrNot.Net under the […]

Build Tour 2015 – São Paulo

Pete Brown, Jeff Burtoft, Wael Rabadi and yours truly just finished delivering the Build Tour 2015 in Brazil.   It was awesome. I never imagined I’d do anything important in a soccer stadium. We had live streaming, which soon will be made available in Channel 9. For now, just some coverage in the local news: http://info.abril.com.br/noticias/tecnologia-pessoal/2015/05/querendo-ser-legal-novamente-microsoft-faz-primeira-edicao-da-build-no-brasil.shtml And […]

ADAL Bindings for Xamarin iOS Applications: The ultimate guide

Many people have asked this question and with the help of a few friends I’ve put up this guide that hopefully should unlock you to get your Active Directory Authentication Library to work with a Xamarin project. First things first, what we will build: Using the latest Xamarin tooling (as of June/30/2014, version 5.0.1 build […]

Which authentication library should I choose?

Authentication isn’t easy. It takes (significant) work and the developer is presented to several decision points along the way. Currently there are quite a few different ways of authenticating your client and/or service application and I want to give you some pointers that might help with deciding with the best/easiest way of moving forward.   […]

Cloud App Discovery

Someone just pointed me to this announcement: http://appdiscovery.azure.com/   Cloud App Discovery is a great Azure tool for looking at overall usage of your services:   How it works? 1-Download and run an agent tool on your servers and devices 2-The agent will ship logs to Azure AD for analysis 3-You can then go to the […]