A week ago we launched, a fun website that uses machine learning to measure your facial hair and promote men’s health. And we’ve got some nice mentions around the media at, PC World, Movember, Business Insider and a few others. And now we’re starting to look at the data behind the scenes and learn […]

Snippet from Czech Republic’s presentation

This is a part of the presentation we did in Czech Republic when I showed TwinsOrNot for the first time and then later started visualizing how the usage of the site started picking up on Application Insights:

Taking to the next level

Well that was a fun ride. I want to start this post by saying thanks for the overwhelmingly positive feedback I’ve gotten from so many of you. Now it is time to hand #TwinsOrNotRobot over to the Microsoft Project Oxford cavalry and let them refresh it with a better functionality and more fun than I […]

And because we love open source…

Here’s the v1 of TwinsOrNot.Net source released under MIT license: Again, this was a 4 hours project. It isn’t fancy. It was done quickly after a long trip and little sleep so please don’t hold me accountable for not covering all the best practices in ASP.Net MVC, not properly referencing all the JavaScript libraries, not […]

And here’s the Azure secret sauce nobody tells you

So when people try to convince you to use Azure, the typical justifications are “elasticity” or “scalability”. Great, all good points but also too obvious. I want to share what I think is the golden value of this platform: Abstraction. I’m a developer. I want to spend my time doing what I do best: Writing […]

But… will it scale?

So I was concerned that with the increasing load, the would end up having problems. But it looks like I overestimated things a bit. The site is hosted as an Azure Web App (by far the easiest, simpler way of hosting a website, honest) and one of the features this platform offers is auto […]

Watching the birth of a viral site under the microscope

So far we’ve been talking about Microsoft’s Machine Learning and the amazing things it can do, like allowing me to create a viral site in just 4 hours of work. But Microsoft has so much cool stuff that I don’t even know where to start from. So I decided to look at TwinsOrNot.Net under the […]

How was built

During Build in San Francisco we demonstrated the, a website that makes use of Microsoft’s Machine Learning in order to guess the age and gender of people in photos. The site was a huge success and was used by millions of people. We are now having some smaller events across the world following Build and […]