Taking TwinsOrNot.net to the next level

Well that was a fun ride. I want to start this post by saying thanks for the overwhelmingly positive feedback I’ve gotten from so many of you.

Now it is time to hand #TwinsOrNotRobot over to the Microsoft Project Oxford cavalry and let them refresh it with a better functionality and more fun than I would ever be able to do by myself. So I do it gladly. Among the changes being introduced, you will now have the option to allow us to use the photos you send to teach our machine learning to be smarter. Many of you suggested that so there it is. But again, it is your choice and we won’t do anything unless you are ok with it.

I’d like to end this post leaving some food for thought:

We are witnessing the tipping point of an amazing revolution, where machine learning is becoming a technology that we all can use. Best part: you don’t have to be a data scientist (trust me, I’m not). The possibilities are endless and these sites are just examples of that. To create the site, all we used were our available Project Oxford Face APIs for facial recognition (we didn’t even show all the things this specific API can do). But there are other APIs and we will eventually create different projects to demonstrate them.

All the data your applications can touch and manage are effectively gold mines, widely unexplored to this date. Think about it. Consider what you could do with a combination of creativity, machine learning and all that data you already have. And imagine doing it on a platform where you can really focus your time on the creative thinking that could turn into a real application instead of doing mundane, repetitive plumbing tasks all day. Let Microsoft Azure help you get there.

Paraphrasing my friend and colleague Pete Brown who was there with me sitting at the hotel lobby when the site was created, “I can’t wait to see what you guys will build next.”